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Web Application Development

A web portal is not just about providing information or products or services, but it is a powerful interface to attract, serve a purpose and capture the minds of a large number of users who are looking to your portal for quality and updated information and much more. Hence we assure to design your portal to give your users a great experience combined with easy to use navigation.

Portals developed with us are a blend of useful information, good classification, aesthetic design, powerful search, user-friendly navigation and above all delivering a pleasant experience. Geonosys embraces all these and much more in every web portal development designed with us. Our strength is in the in-depth knowledge of latest and advanced web technologies. Our understanding of the target audience results in portals that are simple and effective.

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Creatives And Design

Our applications are attractively designed, embracing user interfaces with acceptance and consumer vitality.Our designer's ability to innovate ideas and phenomenal solutions by brainstorming is incomparable. We are experts to air our creativity into competent solutions for real-world apps. Our design assures UI consistency, continuity, simplicity and responsivity facilitating the best experience possible.
Geonosys's goal of design is to solve problems, completely eliminating complexity, and we stride to build up disciplined, simple, and easily discoverable solutions. Each designer at Geonosys can identify problems quickly, and evolves the most sensible solutions. We make it a point that our design is feature rich, and assure that our partner that your users can use our apps at ease without 100-page instruction manuals.

Mobile Application Development

Enterprises are engrossed in investing in mobile apps development rather than a mobile friendly website because of the immense possibilities they offer. The mobile app market would offer you various apps with immense capabilities but the most apt app to bring value to business is the biggest challenge ahead. Mobile applications have proved to bring in a huge revenue flow, with competent features that can attract customers easily and as they get all their everyday activities done through mobile apps; like booking movie tickets reading their favorite magazine or even to get the road directions on a road trip.
Our iPhone application development team, consisting of developers, interface designers and project managers are masters in balancing out client ideas, assuring iPhone platform standards, quality user feedback and efficient handling of technical deadlocks and challenges in the project.

End User Computing Management

As the workplace continues to move more and more towards a distributed computing environment, the need increases for personalization and flexibility, while corporate IT seeks to control access, standardize processes, and ensure compliance. The objective of this service is to significantly reduces the total cost of desktop and application ownership by enabling enterprises to proactively secure, manage, inventory and support desktops from a central location.

Network & Computer Management

For any business, network acts as backbone and mission critical. Every organization looks for ways to optimize and increased performance. GeonoSys provides cost effective end to end solutions on routing, switching & Security including monitoring the network, performance measuring, utilization of network devices, hardware health check.

Cloud Consulting

Ready to make the move to the cloud but looking for an experienced team to help to make it happen with minimal impact to your operations? GeonoSys Cloud Consulting Service leverages our experience in customer relationship management, IT development management, and team collaboration systems to select cloud services that meet your needs and develop a plan to move your data, processes, and organization to the cloud.

Organizational Security

As the number of threats to enterprise security continues to grow exponentially, your organization must take a holistic approach in selecting information security services. The threat landscape is simply too vast and complex to rely on a single, silver bullet solution. Most companies don’t have enough skilled cyber experts on staff to develop a strategy and find the right resources that will address their unique security concerns. When you want a partner to help create an effective security strategy & select the information security services and products to build and run it, consider the remarkable experience and expertise offered by the security professionals at GeonoSys.


In today’s changing technology landscape, less often means more. A revolutionary concept in IT management, server virtualization allows one server to perform the work of dozens. With a virtual infrastructure properly configured by ConceptNxt, you’ll see reduced energy costs and hardware expenses, as well as more efficient server management.

Startup Implementation Services

Flexibility is one of the key components in a startup environment and we can help you to get started quickly. We offer onsite and remote infrastructure management services through our team of highly experienced professionals. We have a team of experts who will help you deliver prompt and professional assistance in much affordable way that every startup can neglect the burden of infrastructure planning and implementation. From requirement gathering to IT infrastructure strategy, we provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects.Since flexibility is one of the key components in a startup environment we can help you to get started quickly.

DevOps Consulting Services

As the pace of software development is increasing rapidly, there is a need for Development and Operations teams in enterprises to work in collaboration and integrate their methodologies to turn out quality software releases more quickly and efficiently to ensure continuous deployment

Home Automation using IoT 

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity to connect and exchange data


This is the next generation WAN connectivity solutions. SD-WAN can provide cost-effective & flexible choices for WAN connectivity. If you are an organization with multiple branches we can help you interconnect them in very cost-effective way.